About Our Eco-Friendly Non-Stick Coatings

Strauss Pro GreenChef products are made with ceramic non-stick coatings by Weilburger Germany and The Green Cook by Josef Strauss features a ceramic coating by Ceralon Swiss Ceramic Coatings. These environmentally friendly coatings are based on sol-gel technology, where mineral particles are suspended in a solution that gels together to form a coating. This means that the non-stick is mineral-based, allowing it to combine excellent high temperature resistance with unbeatable release properties. It also means that the surface is extremely hard, making it scratch and abrasion resistant. The result is incredibly easy to clean, highly durable non-stick cookware that is made to last.

Both of these coatings are free of PTFE and PFOA. Even at extreme high temperatures (when a pan may be accidentally overheated, for example) it will not emit any chemical by-products. As no PFOA is used in its production, no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. Because the coating is mineral-based, it requires a lower curing temperature and therefore needs less energy during manufacturing.

Many traditional non-stick coatings are manufactured with a process that releases the chemical PFOA into the environment. This chemical product is harmful to the atmosphere and the ozone layer. Our QuanTanium non-stick coating by Whitford is manufactured using sophisticated, modern technology that produces no PFOA emissions. This high quality coating is exceptionally durable, creating long-lasting cookware that produces less waste in the long run.